Maine and Québec: A Conversation on Sustainability

Since the late 1990s, Québec has had a long-standing commitment to sustainability.  A Northern province, Québec has been feeling the impact of climate change for years and is tackling the issue on two fronts:  2020-2023 Northern Action Plan and 2030 Green Economy Plan, which is well-aligned with our recently released climate action plan Maine Won’t Wait.

As the first jurisdiction in North America to put a levy on fossil fuels in 2006, Québec has data to show that the green economy works as a business development tool. Public investments have allowed the private sector to grow exponentially. For example, the cleantech industry has created 45,000 jobs and contributed $5.7 billion to Québec’s economy.

What could we learn from each other about innovation in electric vehicles, from garbage trucks to snowmobiles, and green building technology? MITC President Wade Merritt talked with Québec’s Delegate to New England Marie-Claude Francoeur.

Watch the video to learn more about the changes taking place and future plans that offer opportunities for collaboration between Maine and Québec to strengthen our economies after the pandemic, as well as new partnerships for Maine businesses.

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Marie-Claude Francoeur
Québec Government Office in Boston

Appointed as Québec’s Delegate to New England in May 2014, Ms. Marie-Claude Francoeur serves as Québec’s representative in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont. This is her second term in Boston. Ms. Francoeur’s career is one of public service, working to shape and promote Québec’s policies on climate change, energy, transportation, labor and francophonie, both at home and internationally.