Where Are They Now?

Catching Up with Former MITC Interns

Claudia Salgado
Commercial Specialist for Energy and Environment
U.S. Commercial Service
U.S. Department of Commerce

MITC Internship: January-July 2006

I learned a lot from the people at the Maine International Trade Center (MITC) – Wade, Zeynep, Janine, and other colleagues and interns I had the pleasure to work with. I knew I wanted to pursue a career in International Trade, but I didn’t know where to start. MITC offered me the best opportunity a recent graduate like me could ever wish for. Through my internship at MITC, I had the opportunity to assist different companies that were looking to expand their activities to foreign markets, and I helped them with their initial research to locate the best markets and prospects for their products and services. MITC was co-located with the Export Assistance Center of Maine and both offices were constantly communicating and collaborating to help U.S. exporters.

Today, I work for the U.S. Commercial Service, which is part of the same organization as the Export Assistance Centers in the United States. I currently assist U.S. exporters in the Mexican market to find distributors and partners or participate in projects, especially in the energy and environmental sectors. I graduated from the University of Maine at Farmington with a BA in International Studies with concentrations in Business/Economics and Political Science in 2004, and I completed my MA in International Relations from Brock University in Ontario in 2005. MITC offered the perfect opportunity for me to practice what I had learned, a wonderful experience, and the right step to kick off my career. That internship experience was highly valued when I applied for jobs when I returned to Mexico. I am very thankful for that opportunity and what makes me more happy is that I still get to work with some of my former colleagues and friends from MITC when there is a trade mission from Maine to Mexico.