Where Are They Now?

Catching Up with Former MITC Interns

Hannah Webb

Trade Officer Offshore Wind & Clean Energy
UK Department for International Trade, British Consulate-General Boston

MITC intern:
January – May 2011

MITC staff:
March 2012 – May 2015

For ten years, I’ve worked in international trade development, and it all started with the Future Global Leaders internship program at MITC. At the trade center, I learned the fundamentals of trade and developed a wide range of skills in international business. Daily research into trade statistics, incoterms and logistics, business cultures, trade agreements, and market opportunities gave me an understanding of all the elements that go into conducting international business.

With this experience and knowledge, today I am able to support and advise companies from various industries on their market entry strategy, export growth, international partnering, and event programming as the Trade Officer for Offshore Wind and Clean Energy at the British Consulate-General Boston. My role consists of identifying market opportunities on the East Coast for offshore wind companies from Northern England and Northern Wales, an economic development region called the Northern Powerhouse.

The offshore wind expertise in the region is globally recognized, and I am working to represent the UK companies as they engage with the US market. I facilitate conversations and partnerships between the UK and US companies in order to build a sustainable offshore wind market for both countries. The UK expertise and industry knowledge will help the US market achieve ambitious climate goals at the state and federal levels while driving growth in the global offshore wind industry.

Through this work, I am happily still connected to Maine as the UK is a key trading partner and opportunities are growing in clean energy between the two markets. In December 2020, the State of Maine and the UK signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate on achieving climate goals. Last month MITC member DeepWater Buoyancy signed an official partnership with Tekmar Group, an energy industry leader of the Northern Powerhouse. This month, a panel of UK leaders in floating offshore wind will speak at the University of Maine’s Afloat Summit. It’s exciting and rewarding to see these connections unfold and leverage my learnings at the trade center to further these successes.

Furthermore, working at MITC gave me experience in event planning, adapting to office culture, public speaking, and building meaningful business relationships. Supporting the team in coordinating a 300+ person event like Trade Day was eye opening and helped me learn adaptability and problem solving in a fast-paced environment. While working for Enterprise Ireland as a Senior Market Advisor, I went on to organize and manage frequents events like trade missions, international delegation visits, trade shows, and receptions. I will always have extra sharpies at an event, thanks to my colleagues at MITC!

2018 UK & Ireland Trade Mission – Hannah Webb with MENADO Director Dana Eidsness and MITC President Wade Merritt

Perhaps the most valuable lesson that I learned from the Future Global Leaders internship program and the MITC team was how to build meaningful relationships. The network that I started there as an intern then grew as the Trade Assistance Manager is still positively impacting both my professional and personal life. The people that I worked with at MITC are lifelong friends. I’m also attending two weddings this month of fellow former MITC interns. I’m so grateful for the lessons learned and the friendships built during my time at MITC, and I highly recommend the Future Global Leaders internship program!